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interview - 10.01.2006 08:00

Interview with Anna Tsuchiya after her performance at the Japan Expo in Paris. Anna answered several questions about her past projects, the future, and more!

Anna Tsuchiya is a multitalented artist: she’s been a model, an actress, the vocalist of the band Spin Aqua and is currently working on her solo project.

In July 2006, the young artist came to Europe for a small performance at the Japan Expo, a large event showcasing many things about Japan, in Paris. At the Expo, she performed, did a question and answer session with the fans and an autograph session.

Afterwards, we met Anna in the VIP room together with some other French and Japanese media to ask the young artist our questions. A lot of cameras were present to film this small and intimate meeting, which was unfortunately very short.

I would like to talk to you about the series Nana in which you were a seiyuu. (voice actor) Before you started this adventure, did you already know of this manga by Ai Iyazawa and why did you choose to do it? Also, what feeling does it give you when you sing these songs?
Anna Tsuchiya: First of all, Nana is a very popular Japanese manga, popular amongst all Japanese people so to speak. I was impressed/flattered to participate because I quite like the different personalities portrayed in this manga. It was important because in general, it’s on the contrary to Japan: people think it’s necessary to be similar, even though we are not equal. So, that’s why I decided to sing for the anime. Then, I just made the music.

You’ve met various famous people who took part in your latest CD like Motokatsu Miyagami (ex-THE MAD CAPSULE CARPETS), Justin Meldal-Johnson (bassist of Garbage, Beck, Macy Gray), Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle), Ted Jensen (who worked together with Green Day, Lenny Kravitz, Eric Clapton, R.E.M., Madonna, Evanescence), and so on.
Did these famous people give you any new points of view when it came to your view and opinion about music?

Anna Tsuchiya: I’ve chosen to surround myself with rock artists in particular because it wasn’t really my style but I want to work within the whole world and it’s really cool to do so.

[question in Japanese] During the concert you put in a lot of power/energy and the audience reacted very strongly, what impression did this leave on you?
Anna Tsuchiya: At first, I had no idea how the French audience would react. I was impressed although before the concert I was worried about it. Moreover, it’s the first time I’ve performed abroad. It was really great! [before the next question is asked, there is a small pause which makes Anna doubt her answer] Did I say something silly? [laughs]

Are you planning return to do a tour in France and Europe?
Anna Tsuchiya: Yes yes, of course! Maybe tomorrow! I will cancel my return trip! [laughs]

You are a model, singer, you’re appearing in movies and on television in Japan. How does the Japanese public see you? As a singer, an actress or simply as an artist?
Anna Tsuchiya: At first I was regarded as a quite charismatic model, so I was satisfied; it was my first career. But now, I am more a musical artist thanks to Nana and I want to continue in this way. [Anna asks the journalists a question] Do you know that I also sang for the movie Silent Hill? [After positive answers, she is reassured.]

A few moments ago [during the question session with the audience] you said that you really liked Nirvana. But do you also know any French artists? If so, which ones?
Anna Tsuchiya: [some silence while the translator tries to find the name] Ah yes, Daft Punk! We will both participate in the Summer Sonic event [a big Japanese event] in Tokyo and when they play, I will be in the front of the crowd to dance! [laughs] They are cool! But would you recommend any other artists to me?
Emilie Simon? [She will also be at Summer Sonic]
Anna Tsuchiya: Okay, I will listen to her.

To continue about Summer Sonic, what effect does it have on you to perform on one of the largest rock events of the world?
Anna Tsuchiya: Summer Sonic is a rock event which represents mostly International artists, but some Japanese artists are chosen to perform as well. It’s a big event, much bigger than the one today. Artists like Metallica for example are headliners on the event.

[question in Japanese] You have worked on Nana and Kamikaze Girls, which were both pretty famous in both the cinema and music. How do you see your future?
Anna Tsuchiya: First of all, I want to do music because I like to sing. It was a great chance/opportunity for me to participate in the Nana anime. I will be happy when a lot of people listen to my songs. And if this works, I’ll choose this profession amongst the others.

I would like to talk about your role in the movie version of the manga dororo by Tezuka Ozamu. Is this true, and if so, what will be your part in this movie? [official site of the movie]
Anna Tsuchiya: The filming is already finished but I will play the role of a monster.

Will it be released in 2007?
Anna Tsuchiya: Yes, and it was very interesting to play this role.

[question in Japanese] To sing in Japanese, are you conscious to be Japanese or not? If so, how does it make you feel?
Anna Tsuchiya: I am proud to be Japanese and especially to sing rock music. I truly wish to be regarded as ‘cool’ because for me, there aren’t many rock artists in Japan. So I am proud to be born and have grown up there, even if it’s very nice to say ‘hello’ to a foreign country and introduce my music there. I think it’s not that bad to be Japanese.

JaME thanks Tsuchiya Anna, Avex and Pierre-Yves Devroute of Japan Expo.
The photos were taken by Ayou.
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