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Creature Creature

A rush of excitement ran through the older Japanese rock community when the formation of Creature Creature was announced in December 2005. This anticipation was mainly due to the return of veteran rock singer MORRIE to the music scene. MORRIE had first risen to fame in the 80's with DEAD END, a band that influenced many visual kei artists despite breaking up before the movement began, but he had been almost completely inactive after 1995 and it pleased many fans to know that he would be singing once again.

Additionally, he was joined by guest musicians such as guitarist Minoru of THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS and bassist tetsuya of L'Arc~en~Ciel. The three of them started to write and record songs that were released in July in three singles, Red, Kaze no tou and Paradise. Shortly after, they released their first album, Light & Lust.

Aside from sporadic performances, the band was mostly silent after 2006. It soon started to look like Creature Creature was only a one-time project, but their fans were pleasantly surprised when the group announced two performances in June 2009. However, those performances saw MORRIE backed by a new line up.

The second incarnation of Creature Creature includes Libraian guitarist Hiro, formerly of La'cryma Christi, ex-Guy's Family guitarist Shinobu, KUROYUME bassist Hitoki and former L'Arc~en~Ciel and current S.O.A.P. and ZIGZO drummer Sakura. This new line up released the album INFERNO in July 2010.

In April 2011, after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, MORRIE posted a message on the band’s website stating that Creature Creature would donate ten percent of the proceeds from all their future concerts to help victims of the disaster. It stated that the band would begin by donating to the Japanese Red Cross and later shift its focus to organizations working towards the development of renewable energy. That year also brought the band’s first live DVD, EXORCISING ORPHEUS–Paradise Tour Final- and their first release on MORRIE’s Psyche Records label, the single PSYCHETELOS.

As of summer 2012, Creature Creature has released the single Rakuen e / Ataraxia and will release another in August. They will also release their third album on October 17th and embark on a fall tour around the same time, although the titles of both have yet to be announced.
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