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Next to his bands DEAD END and creature creature, MORRIE is also active as a solo artist.

MORRIE's (Otsuka Motoyuki) love for rock music started in an early age and in high school, he started his first band. He had already played in a few bands when he started DEAD END in 1984. The band became immensely popular and is nowadays still a big influence for visual kei bands.

They disbanded in January 1990 and in October of the same year, MORRIE released his first solo single, Paradox, which was followed by the album Ignorance only a month later.

In the following years he released a bunch of singles and albums. Around this time he also lived in New York and some of the songs were recorded there as well as he being accompanied by American musicians. However, after the release of the album Kage no Kyoen and the single Inu in 1995, MORRIE seemed to drift out of the music scene.

All-in-all, he seemed to be gone from the scene for almost a decade, but then he reappeared again for a short while as he played guitar on one of Kiyoharu's solo albums which was released in 2004.

In the following year, a best-of album called ectoplasm was released. In 2005 it seemed that MORRIE had returned for real this time with a new project called creature creature alongside Tetsu (Tetsu69 and L'Arc~en~Ciel) and Kojima Minoru (BUG and The Mad Capsule Markets). However, after being quite active in 2006 and releasing various CDs, it turned quiet around him again in 2007. Fortunately, the band resurfaced again in 2009 with a number of performances.
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