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Kalimero started in May 2001 as an independent, self-producing band. From the beginning, the band was very active and released their first demo-tape only a few months after their start, followed by their first mini-album, Nostalgie, in November.

After some more demo-tapes and quite a number of performances, their second mini-album, Local memory, was released in the summer of 2002, helping the band to gain more popularity. They continued their career in the same fashion, touring across the whole country and putting out some more releases. August saw them teaming up with the band Vidoll for the release of a coupling mini-album.

Their fan base continued to increase and the beginning of 2004 was promising for Kalimero, with the release of their first DVD, Netsu Rakuen, in January and their first full album, Hako niwa, which ranked 19th on the indie Oricon charts, in March.

Unfortunately, during their concert on July 28th, Kalimero announced that they were going to disband. Their last concerts took place in October and, on October 30th, they officially disbanded. However, they had one more release in store, the single, Nagare, on November 6th.

The expectations were that it wouldn't take long before the four band members would start up new projects and bands and these expectations were proven to be true. Tsuyoshi was the first to start a new band, Jully. Both Nao and Kousuke formed heidi. in 2006 and Yuuki started Biene in the summer of 2007.
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