baroque's Bassist Missing

news - 27.06.2012 09:08
It has been reported that Bansaku, bassist of visual kei band baroque, has been missing since the afternoon of June 24th.

baroque's staff and band members are still searching but have been unable to locate him. The police have been notified that he is potentially a missing person, but the band apologises in advance in case Bansaku's disappearance turns out to be something much simpler.

The band's current tour, which was set to start on June 26th, has been retitled baroque genshou dai 3 genshou Hakeshii LIVE House TOUR ~Bansaku wo Sagase~ (Search for Bansaku) to reflect this sudden incident. baroque hope that Bansaku will return in time to participate in this tour.

baroque apologise both to fans and to any persons affected and ask that any information on Bansaku's whereabouts, no matter how small, be e-mailed to: [email protected]
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