GOTCHAROCKA Live Broadcast

news - 27.06.2012 11:58
Visual kei unit GOTCHAROCKA are scheduled to broadcast a special concert via Nico Nico Douga at 23:30 JST on June 29th.

GOTCHROCKA is a newly-formed group created by Jui (ex-Vidoll) and JUN (ex-Phantasmagoria/ex-spiv states). This is will be GOTCHROCKA's first broadcast since their formation and is being held to celebrate vocalist Jui's birthday. The broadcast will be one hour long and will end at 0:30 JST.

The live broadcast can be found here. You will need an account to view the broadcast, but registration is free. The viewing times are as follows:

June 29th - 07:30 (Los Angeles) 
June 29th - 10:30 (New York) 
June 29th - 13:30 (Sao Paulo)
June 29th - 15:30 (London) 
June 29th - 16:30 (Paris) 
June 29th - 19:30 (Moscow)
June 29th - 23:30 (Tokyo)
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