Golden Bomber's Upcoming YouTube Broadcast

news - 14.06.2012 13:17
Following the broadcast of Golden Bomber's June 3rd concert at Tokyo Dome Hall between June 9th and 11th Japan time, the eccentric quartet have scheduled a real-time broadcast of their tour final performance through YouTube.

The tour final will be held at Yokohama Arena on June 18th, starting at 18:30 JST. The broadcast is available worldwide and can be found here. The viewing times are as follows:

June 18th - 02:30 (Los Angeles) 
June 18th - 05:30 (New York) 
June 18th - 06:30 (Buenos Aires)
June 18th - 10:30 (London) 
June 18th - 11:30 (Paris) 
June 18th - 13:30 (Moscow)
June 18th - 18:30 (Tokyo)
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Golden Bomber 18/06

Golden Bomber
Yokohama - Japan
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