European Release of Momiro Clover Z and Horie Yui Albums

news - 12.06.2012 12:19
source: Bishi-Bishi Press Release
European label Bishi-Bishi have announced the addition of two new artists to their catalogue.

Pop singer Horie Yui rose to fame after her role in the anime series "Love-Hina" and has become one of Japan's leading voice actresses, having voiced the lead roles in other popular series, such as "Fruits Basket" and "Inu-Kami!". Her singing career began back in 2001 and her albums Himitsu and HONEY JET !! will be released through Bishi-Bishi on July 1st.

Idol group Momoiro Clover Z started their career on the streets of Shibuya and their debut single Momoiro Punch reached number 23 on the Oricon Weekly Charts through event sales alone. The group made their major debut in 2010 with the single IKUZE KAITOU SHOUJO, which reached number one on the Oricon Daily Charts and number three on the Weekly Charts. Their album BATTLE AND ROMANCE will also be released on July 1st.

These albums will be available through Bishi-Bishi's digital store, as well as through digital music stores such as iTunes and Amazon.
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