First Single from 168 -one sixty eight-

news - 03.06.2012 12:15
Aoi (ex-Ayabie, AYABIE) has started a new project, 168 -one sixty eight-. Joining Aoi in this new project are additional support members: YUKI (Λucifer) and SEBASTIAN (BULL ZEICHEN 88) on guitar, NAOKI (ex.Kagrra,) on bass and An Cafe’s Teruki on drums.

The group’s first single, Setsugekka will be released on September 8th, featuring the tracks Setsugekka and SCANDAL, which will be featured in the 2012 film "Happiness in Little Place". The new single will be available in two limited editions and a regular edition.

168 -one sixty eight-’s first one-man live will be held on August 29th at Akasaka BLITZ. Tickets are priced at 168 yen, a nod to the band's name. 168 -one sixty eight-'s official website can be found here.
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