Tokami to Lose a Member

news - 02.06.2012 12:06
Visual kei band Tokami have gone through a number of member changes since their formation, but have been stably active with their current line-up for almost three years. They have now announced that guitarist Shige is leaving the band after their sponsored event at Ikebukuro Cyber on July 1st.

Shige stated that there are a number of reasons for this decision, but said that mostly the environment, mental and physical factors have made it difficult for him to continue band activities. He noted that although he has no plans to continue band activities, he will treasure the experiences that being in the band has given him, and that he wants to continue spreading music in a different form. Shige has apologized for this sudden announcement and thanked all the fans and staff for the support he has been receiving up until now.

Tokami have stated that the concerts planned after Shige's departure will be performed with just the remaining four members. The band will take part in several events this summer and will perform a one-man show in Ikebukuro Cyber on August 1st.
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