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news - 28.03.2011 21:28
R&B artist Yuya Matsushita is planning the release of his eighth single, Naturally.

The single, in stores on May 4th, will be available in a regular edition, a limited edition and six additional versions. The title track will be used for the commercial of "NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC". Types A to F of Naturally will contain a bonus cover track, such as BOOWY's Kisetsu ga Kimi Dake wo Kaeru and Noriyuki Makihara’s Donnatokimo.

The regular edition of Naturally will feature the title track, its instrumental version and the B-side Back to Love. The limited edition will come with a bonus DVD featuring the PV for the title track and life footage of Back to Love, recorded at Matsushita's LIVE 2010~Evolution of Me !!~ performance.
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