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news - 14.03.2011 21:21
source: Sanspo, Official Sites, Twitter, Press Release
After various regions of Japan suffered great damage after several natural disasters, X JAPAN leader YOSHIKI has announced the auction of his unique crystal glass piano. The profit will be used to aid in the disaster relief effort. YOSHIKI is also planning to raise funds through the YOSHIKI FOUNDATION.

MIYAVI has cancelled his upcoming fan club trip to Izu, which was supposed to take place on April 23rd and 24th. Whether it will be fully cancelled or postponed is currently unknown. On his twitter account, MIYAVI stated he also wants to start up a fundraising project.

Label owner and BLOOD-member Kiwamu has announced that a part of the profit made by his labels Starwave Records and Darkest Labyrinth, will be donated to SHOW YOUR HEART, a charity project initiated by GACKT.

Also digital music store HearJapan will be raising funds. For the next week, HearJapan will be donating 50% of all sales to Japan Platform, a relief organization that has been performing rescue operations in the affected areas since the day of the earthquake. Due to Japan Platform being on-site in Japan, HearJapan can get the donated money working immediately to help those affected.
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