New Album from AYABIE

news - 24.10.2010 22:05
AYABIE have announced the release of a new album called Virgin Snow Color-2nd season- for December 1st.

This will be the band's first release since vocalist Aoi left the band and will be available in three versions, one regular and two limited. Limited Type A will include a DVD featuring a PV and its making of, Type B will include a DVD featuring backstage footage and live footage from their O-EAST live on October 22nd, and the first press regular edition will come with a photo booklet.

Since Aoi's departure, the profile section on AYABIE's official website has stated guitarist Yumehito as the band's vocalist, so it is assumed that the new album will feature Yumehito on vocals. It also appears that the band has undergone a slight name change from ayabie to AYABIE, perhaps to mark the transition into this new period of their history.
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