Piko at JAPAN ANIME LIVE in Europe

news - 11.10.2010 21:42
The anime and manga event JAPAN ANIME LIVE, which starts on October 23rd, will bring several famous Japanese artists to Europe.

The newly debuted singer Piko will perform during the event with a support band composed of Asakura Daisuke on keyboard, LEVIN (La’cryma Christi and THE HUSKY) on drums, takuya (An Cafe) on guitar and producer Takeomi of Lolita23q on bass. This band will also perform the themesongs of the anime series such as "Gundam" and "One Piece".

The event is held in Paris (France) on October 23rd, Brussels (Belgium) on October 29th, Dusseldorf (Germany) on October 31st, Milan (Italy) on November 6th, Florence (Italy) on November 11th and in Rome (Italy) on November 13th.
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