European Releases: MUCC, girugamesh, Lc5, An Cafe, AURAL VAMPIRE, YMCK

news - 09.10.2010 21:27
source: Gan-Shin
European record label Gan-Shin have announced European releases for six artists in the upcoming months.

Rock band MUCC will release a new album, titled KARMA, in November. The album will feature fourteen tracks, including previously released singles Yakusoku and FALLING DOWN. Gan-Shin's European release will also include a a DVD featuring making-of footage from the recording of KARMA and more never-before-seen footage. It will be released on November 19th.

The brand new single from girugamesh, Inochi no ki, will be released as digital single via Gan-Shin Records all over Europe on October 6th. The single will includes the title track as well as the songs Visions and Endless wing.

The debut single of Lc5, the new band of An Cafe's Miku, is currently available from Gan-Shin Records. Loveless includes the title track, Lc5~love&crash~ and the live track TELL ME!!, which was recorded during Lc5's first tour at the Shibuya Club Quattro.

Electro goth duo AURAL VAMPIRE's first major album ZOLTANK and electronic group YMCK's latest album FAMILY GENESIS are both set for release in Europe. These albums will be released via Gan-Shin Records in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and via Ankama Music in France. A firm release dates has yet to be announced.

Finally, the previously announced live DVD set from An Cafe, LIVE CAFE 2010 KING OF HARAJUKU DANCE ROCK, has had its release date changed and will now come out on November 5th. This three-DVD set features footage from the band's farewell concert from January 2010 at the famus Nippon Budokan Hall and will come complete with subtitles. An exclusive video preview can be watched below:

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