SURFACE to Disband

news - 15.02.2010 05:25
source: Natalie
Rock duo SURFACE announced that, following a concert in Tokyo in June, they will be breaking up. A best-of album will be released prior to their disbandment on April 28th.

The announcement came during the duo's fanclub-only concert at LIQUIDROOM ebisu on February 13th. SURFACE made their major debut in 1998 with the single Sore jaa Bye Bye, and released another twenty singles and six original albums over the following years.

SURFACE is re-using their name in capitals for their disbandment, having written it with lowercase letters for the last few years. The duo will release an all-time best-of album on April 28th called Last Attraction, with four brand-new songs and 24 other tracks split into two discs.

Closing their twelve-year history, the duo will hold their last live performance at Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A on June 13rd under the same title as the best-of album, Last Attraction. Both members, Yoshiharu Shiina and Takao Nagatani, thank the fans and the staff and hope keep persevering from now on.
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