Kuroyume and SADS Revival

news - 30.01.2010 04:48
source: Official Websites
Famous rock singer Kiyoharu has announced that both Kuroyume and SADS, his popular bands between the '90s and the '00s, are having revivals this year.

Kuroyume, formed in 1991, was one of the major forces in the early visual kei scene, influencing most prominent bands today including DIR EN GREY. SADS, which began activities in 1999, the same year that Kuroyume disbanded, shared the same success of the previous band, but with the vocalist emitting a different style and attitude.

It has been reported that Kuroyume, which already had a revival live last year at Nippon Budokan, is now recording a new album and that their official fan club, "DARKROOM", is set to be opened on February 9th. A new website, as well as an official MySpace page, have been opened.

SADS, on the other hand, have booked a new concert, which will also take place at Nippon Budokan on May 1st. A new album is scheduled to come out in July, and their official fan club "VIP", is starting on the same day as Kuroyume's, on February 9th. A new website and a MySpace page have also been created.
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