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news - 08.10.2009 13:11
Pop idol group Kanjani∞ have announced the release of their first single in over a year. It will be called Kyuu☆ue☆Show!! and will go on sale on November 4th.

Kyuu☆ue☆Show!! is said to feature a big band collaboration to give the tune a more upbeat rock'n'roll edge. It will be accompanied by the b-side Hitotsu no uta, which will include vocal chorus from the fans recorded during the group's performance at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, part of their summer tour TOUR 2∞9 PUZZLE.

Two limited editions of the single will be available, each contaning a different DVD. The type A will come with the PV for the title song, while the type B will include the music video of Hitotsu no uta, as well as extra footage, such as live member introductions and scenes from events in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. The regular type of the release, besides both songs, will also include the song Brilliant Blue and cinematic, plus the instrumental counterparts to all four tracks.
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