La'cryma Christi Reform For V-ROCK FESTIVAL

news - 03.09.2009 13:19
Rock band La'cryma Christi are set to reunite at the V-ROCK FESTIVAL, which will be held at the Makuhari Messe from October 24th-25th, with the band performing on the 24th. La'cryma Christi will be reforming temporarily for the event, but have speculated that further activities could be arranged in the near future depending on the audience's response.

La'cryma Christi made their major debut in May 1995 with the members TAKA (vo), KOJI and HIRO (gu), SHUSE (ba) and LEVIN (dr). In March 2005, KOJI parted ways with the group and in January 2007, La'cryma Christi halted all activities. However, all members will be present at the V-ROCK FESTIVAL.
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