VK Releases: 【_Vani;lla】, Annie's Black, R-Shitei

news - 16.02.2009 12:00
source: Brand-X, BMA, Official Blog
With their upcoming single, Baishoku keeki, coming out on February 18th, 【_Vani;lla】 has already announced the release of their first full album for July, although other details are currently unavailable. In addition, the group will embark on their first one-man tour that same month, and will consist of three shows in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo, with the last show being held at Shibuya O-WEST on July 29th.

Annie's Black, sarino's (ex. TINC) solo project, will release a new single on April 20th. Boku ga kimi ni dekiru koto... will contain three songs and more details will be available at a later date.

R-Shitei will release a new single on April 1st. Titled Gyokusai Melancholy, the CD will contain three tracks and will be limited to 1000 copies. In addition, every person who purchases the single will also get a bonus DVD containing the PV for the title track.
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