Johnny's Record Breakers

news - 07.02.2009 12:00
source: Oricon, Japan Zone, OHP
KinKi Kids, the popular Johnny's Entertainment duo have made history again. Their latest single, Yakusoku, is their 28th consecutive No.1 on the Japanese charts and will put them in the Guinness Book of Records, breaking their own previously held record.

KAT-TUN have been breaking records too, this time in terms of consecutive appearances at Tokyo Dome. They will become the first artist to play seven consecutive nights, occupying the Dome from May 15th to May 21st and playing to a total of 385,000 fans. Prior to this tour, the most any artist had ever played at Tokyo Dome consecutively was Sting, who played for four nights in 1988 and KAT-TUN themselves.
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