New Live Release from KAMIJO

news - 14.05.2019 01:01
source: Press Release
KAMIJO will put out a live release of his Dream Live “Symphony of The Vampire” KAMIJO with Orchestra show on July 17th. The show, which was held on March 27th at Tokyo’s EX THEATER ROPPONGI, featured an orchestra that comprised more than 40 members.

The live release will be available in three editions. The first press limited Blu-ray edition will contain bonus content entitled ROAD to ORCHESTRA, which features behind-the-scene footage, including meetings and studio rehearsals leading up to the actual show. Also, the Blu-ray edition will come with two live CDs of the show.

The regular DVD edition will contain bonus content entitled KAMIJO SOLO ANGLE, which features exclusive camera footage of KAMIJO during the performances of Heart and Castrato.

The LIVE ALBUM edition will contain two live CDs of the show.

Read our live report on the March 27th show here:
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