Details on Mogamigawa Tsukasa's New Compilation Album

news - 29.10.2017 15:46
source: OHP
As previously reported, visual enka singer Mogamigawa Tsukasa has scheduled the release of an album for November 22nd. Now,
more details about Golden☆Best Mogamigawa Tsukasa have been revealed.

The album will be available in a CD-only edition with 13 tracks in total. Golden☆Best Mogamigawa Tsukasa can best be described as a complete song collection, since it will not offer any new tracks, but it will feature all of the songs from his previously-released singles and selected songs from his November 2015 cover album Oku no utamichi. It includes songs he composed like MATSUPOIYO, Sakurambo koiuta, Digital bojou, Koi no kasumijou, Hitohira no sakura and Ima ha hana, as well as collaboration songs like Aitai yo and Kimi no mune no naka ni, as well as his covers of Kitaguni no haru, Michinoku hitori tabi, Miso shiru no uta, Kita sakaba and Mogamigawa bojou.

The song collection album will be offered at a special low price, and it can be pre-ordered from sites such as CDJapan.
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