New Album from Sharaku Kobayashi

news - 10.10.2017 17:06
source: Beat Surfers
Sharaku Kobayashi, the vocalist of visual kei band metronome and techno-pop duo FLOPPY, will release his second album with his chiptune solo project on November 8th.

Titled Sharaku Kobayashi Ni, it will feature eight tracks. It will be released on the Beat Surfers label.

Sharaku started his solo project in 2015, aiming to reach an international audience. He performed at the chiptune music event SQUARE SOUNDS this year and in 2015, showcasing his unique take on the genre alongside artists from many different countries. His music is characterized by a unique blend of Japanese melodies and aesthetics, sentimental vocals and the kitschy and inorganic appeal of 8-bit sounds.

Videos of Sharaku performing Yonju Kowai, a song featured on the new album, and Sekai no owarini from his first album Sharaku Kobayashi Ichi at SQUARE SOUNDS 2015 can be viewed below:

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