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news - 07.10.2017 19:46
source: OHP
Visual kei band Blu-BiLLioN will release their third album on October 17th.

EDEN comes two years after previous album GENESIS. It will be available in three editions: one regular and two limited. All of them will contain 13 tracks, including the previously-released singles The Awakening of Revolution, Kyoushin identity, Kono te ni aru mono and S.O.S., as well as new arrangements of Kokorobi and Refrain.

The regular edition comes with a bonus track titled yell. The first limited edition will have a bonus DVD with the music video for Believer’s High and a making-of video for EDEN. The other limited edition will be a special package containing not only the bonus track yell, but also two DVDs. The first will feature two videos for Believer’s High, a lyric video for Chuugen, a studio live video and an interview with the members, while the second DVD will have a digest video of Blu-BiLLioN 6th Anniversary TOUR「Sing×Dance×Rock」. Moreover, this edition will be accompanied by a booklet and six photos.

Shortly after the release, Blu-BiLLioN will support the album with a new tour titled Blu-BiLLioN TOUR17-18-19「Strive for EDEN」. It currently has 19 shows scheduled, with more to be announced.

You can watch the MV for Believer's High below:

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