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news - 09.01.2017 09:50
source: Press Release
Electric Dance Metal band LOKA will release a new single titled SENSE OF CRISIS digitally on January 20th. The song is by LOKA and Kota Muraishi, lyrics are by kihiro and guitar recording/arrangement is by PABLO aka WTF!? from Pay money To my Pain. SENSE OF CRISIS will be used as an image song for Sapporo's snow board event PARK AIR SAPPORO 2017.

LOKA will also release another song, titled LET IT DIE -20XX- , digitally on January 20th. LET IT DIE -20XX- is used as a song for PS4 game "LET IT DIE", which has been released in the USA and Europe. The band was requested to name the song LET IT DIE and add a subtitle, which is 20XX. LET IT DIE -20XX- was already distributed in Japan on the bonus CD for LOKA's previous album EVO:ERA, but was not out for digital download.

SENSE OF CRISIS and LET IT DIE -20XX- will be available for purchase or streaming on digital distribution platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify.

Watch the preview for SENSE OF CRISIS below:

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