New Mini-Album from Takayoshi Ohmura

news - 27.12.2016 05:44
source: Keasler
Takayoshi Ohmura will release a new mini-album on January 25th through Keasler Japan Limited.

Cerberus will include six covers of songs by iconic metal bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Evanescence, Arch Enemy, Dream Theater and Dokken. All instrumental aspects of the covers were handled by Ohmura, but the release will feature five exciting guest vocalists.

The guest vocalists are all from well-known Japanese metal bands. The line-up includes TOKI (C4, Stealth), Ikepy (HER NAME IN BLOOD), Kamiki Aya (UROBOROS), Hazuki (lynch.) and Atsushi Kuze (CONCERTO MOON, Screaming Symphony). The Dokken cover will be an instrumental.

The release will also include a live DVD with footage from a show titled -The Gathering Of Metal Warriors-, which was held on January 9th this year. Those who buy the album through Amazon will also receive one more DVD with a recording of the MC from -The Gathering Of Metal Warriors-.
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