Bed.In's Major Debut

news - 20.05.2016 18:51
source: OHP
"Underground sexy idol unit" Bed.In will release their major debut album on July 27th.

Titled RICH, the album will feature 12 tracks, including Taiyo o Shinjite, which is being used as the ending theme of the tokusatsu film "Daikaiju Mono", as well as a collaboration with Cypress Ueno and Robert Yoshino.

Formed by Masukodera Kaori, the vocalist of rock band Youseitachi, and ex-Reino K guitarist Chuusonji Mai, Bed.In began activities in 2012. Aiming to provide a contrast to the many young female idol groups currently dominating the charts in Japan, their music and costumes pay homage to the upbeat, cheesy and decadent style of the 80s and early 90s.

The video for C Cho Venus!, a song featured on their third single C Cho Venus! / Zig Zag Heartbreak, and live footage of ♂×♀×Poker Game from a show held at Shibuya WWW on January 17th can be viewed below.

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