BugLug's Issei Hospitalized

news - 16.05.2016 04:50
source: OHP
On May 7th, BugLug's vocalist Issei fell off the stairs and was rushed to hospital with emergency transport. He immediately undergwent an emergency surgery and has been in ICU since then. According to the doctors, he sustained severe head injuries. All events, including the instore events and concerts for their documentary movie "47 Todofuken TOUR「GAMBLING JAPAN」 Document Movie 「MASTER OF JAPAN」", to be released on June 1st, are cancelled. Tickets that were already bought cannot be refunded.

As soon as there is new information, BugLug's management will inform fans. For the time being, only relatives and doctors are allowed to visit Issei as he is still receiving treatment in the intensive care unit. News about BugLug's further activities, Issei's further treatment and recovery will be posted at another time. The management and band are extremely sorry for causing everyone so much worry and trouble, and BugLug asks fans to lend them their power and believe in and wait for the day when all five of them will be back on stage.
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