SCREW to Disband

news - 02.05.2016 16:36
source: OHP
After 10 years of activities, visual kei band SCREW has announced that they will disband after their last live at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Tokyo on November 1st, which will be the last stop of their final nationwide tour titled SCREW LAST LIVE TOUR "BREATHE ONE'S LAST BREATH..." that begins in July.

The band members have apologised for the sudden announcement, expressed their gratitude to all their fans over the years and asked for continued support right till the end. Guitarist Manabu has stated that he will be retiring from the music business post-disbandment, but drummer Jin promises that he will be back someday. Full member comments (in Japanese) can be read on SCREW's official homepage on PS COMPANY's website.

SCREW recently released a 10th anniversary best-of album titled Brilliant on March 30th.
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