Uchi Hiroki Hospitalized

news - 12.05.2005 13:00
source: Idol Thoughts
Uchi Hiroki (19 years old and member of Kanjani 8 and NewS) had to be hospitalised because of pneumonia, he will soon be operated on. He's been ill since March, when they filmed News last PV; the singer still kept on singing at musicals or Johnny's Jr shows and other TV shows, but his health really went awfully worse during a show for the Johnny Kitagawa musical Hey! Say! Dream Boy!.

Here's a translation of Hiroki's message on their official website:

"I sincerely apologize for all the worries and problems that occurred because of what's happening to me. I regret I cannot go on stage before the last show, but I decided to focus on my health. I'm going to work hard in order to come back healthy and quickly.
-Uchi Hiroki-"

Hiroki will come back in June. Fans of the young boy are quite angry at Johnny's & co. producer, as he had been making Uchi work on and on for three months, non stop, although he could see how bad and worse Uchi was feeling, making him record albums, video-clips, concerts and shows.
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