Radical Radio to Go on Hiatus

news - 09.12.2015 21:36
source: OHP
A three-piece rock band with an energetic twin vocal sound, Radical Radio was formed in Tokyo in 2009. The band just released their first full-length album All the World’s a stage on March 18th. In October, they announced that vocalist and guitarist CHU was unable to perform live due to various reasons and that they would have to fulfill the rest of their commitments with a support member.

Unfortunately, Radical Radio announced today via a message on their official website that CHU has left the group, and the remaining members have decided to place the band on indefinite hiatus after wrapping up their remaining 2015 shows.

Radical Radio thanked their fans, friends and staff for their years of support and apologized for the sudden announcement, stating that they are not looking at the hiatus in a negative way and will continue moving forward.

The video for The guide of rock, a song featured on All the World’s a stage, can be viewed below.

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