New Single from Matenrou Opera

news - 25.08.2015 16:20
source: OHP
Visual kei band Matenrou Opera will release a new single on October 21st.

Titled BURNING SOUL, the single is the fifth and final entry in the band's conceptual series The Elements. The concept revolves around the five elements: Ether, Air, Water, Earth and Fire, which serve as separate themes for each single. The band just released the fourth single in the series, titled Tataeyou hahanaru chi de - which is based on the theme of Earth - on August 21st. BURNING SOUL is the final piece of the puzzle and it will be based around the element Fire.

Unlike the previous three entries, BURNING SOUL will be released as a CD rather than a digital single, just as the first single was. It will contain three tracks.

A promotional video for Tataeyou hahanaru chi de can be viewed below.

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