First Mini-Album from Color Pointe Released Digitally Worldwide

news - 14.08.2015 10:05
Electropop ballet group Color Pointe released their first mini-album first pointe digitally worldwide on August 1st.

The mini-album has seven tracks. The title of the leading song, Doga Doga, was taken from a painting by the French artist Edger Degas, who often went to l’Opéra Garnier de Paris to paint ballerinas.

All of the songs were produced by Asada Yūsuke, who has worked with artists such as Chara and Kimaguren in the past. Yamaguchi Yasushi also joined the project as an engineer. Yamaguchi, who was once a part of Victor Studio before leaving for the US, has also worked with a number of big names, including Chara, Crystal Kay, Kiyoharu, Britney Spears and NSYNC.

Color Pointe have a unique, never-before-seen style that mixes classical ballet and pop music. You can get a taste of their sound and choreography from the music videos for Doga Doga and Lalu Lalu, which can be viewed below:

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