New Album from Mami Kawada

news - 12.08.2015 17:36
source: OHP
J-pop singer Mami Kawada will release a new album on September 16th.

Kawada is well known as a member of techno group I've Sound, having joined in 2001 after being discovered and mentored by J-pop artist Eiko Shimamiya. As a solo artist, she has provided a string of opening and ending themes for popular anime series such as "Shakugan no Shana", "A Certain Magical Index" and most recently, the ending theme for the ongoing series "To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd", which is titled Gardens. Gardens was just released as a single on August 5th.

Kawada's new album, entitled Parablepsia, will be her fifth in total, released three years after her previous record, SQUARE THE CIRCLE. It will be available as a CD-only limited release containing 13 tracks, including Borderland, which is the opening theme for the anime series "Jormungand" (2012) and Break a spell, which was used as the ending theme for "Tokyo Ravens" (2013-2014).

The J-pop artist will embark on a tour titled MAMI KAWADA LIVE TOUR 2015 "PARABLEPSIA" throughout October, and she will wrap it up on November 1st at Hokkaido cube garden. Moreover, she will subsequently go on to play at the ANIMAX MUSIX 2015 YOKOHAMA festival on November 21st.

A TV spot for Gardens can be viewed below.

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