New Releases from Nothing's Carved In Stone

news - 10.08.2015 18:22
source: OHP
Rock band Nothing's Carved In Stone have two new releases planned for August and September.

The first will be a live album, titled Enkan -ENCORE-, which will be coming out on August 19th. The album contains recordings of 17 songs from their three monthly lives at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO, which took place in March, April and May. It also includes a 48-page booklet with live and offshot photos from the concerts.

On September 16th, the band will release their seventh studio album, MAZE. It will feature eleven tracks, including a new mix of Gravity. The band will embark on the MAZE×MAZE TOUR to support the release on October 8th.

It's also worth noting that both albums will be released on the indie label Dynamord, which handled all of Nothing's Carved In Stone's releases up to their major debut album, 2012's Silver Sun.

You can watch a live version of November 15th from their Monthly Live at QUATTRO concert series below.

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