New Single from Da-iCE

news - 06.08.2015 13:00
source: OHP
J-pop dance group Da-iCE will release a new single titled Everybody on August 12th.

Everybody will be the group's third single release this year and their sixth in total. It will be available in eight editions. The Type A Limited Edition is CD+DVD, featuring the music video and making-of footage for the title track. The Type B Limited Edition is also CD+DVD and features the group's newly-filmed video, Moments, and its making-of footage. Both editions contain two tracks.

The Regular Edition is CD-only and contains three songs, including an English version of the title track. The single will also be available in five different CD-only limited editions, each bearing cover artwork for a different member and containing three tracks.

Da-iCE will be touring throughout Japan in August and September, and the dates will include handshake sessions to promote the release of the new single.

Everybody is being used in the CM for the mobile game "Monster Gear", which can be viewed below.

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