New Band: Smileberry

news - 02.08.2015 07:30
source: OHP
All new visual kei band Smileberry will release their debut single, Smiley, on September 9th. Smiley will be a "one-coin" single containing just the title track.

The band is made up of members from the group LUCHe., which disbanded on May 31st this year, shortly after releasing their first album, LUCHe. Best Collection. The line-up consists of Motoki on vocals, Paru on guitar, Yuna on bass, Charlie on drums, and ex-LucaRia guitarist Ritsu.

Little is known about the band's direction so far, except that Smileberry aim to deliver smiles through their happy pop sound.

Smileberry will be performing at a variety of events throughout the year to promote their music before tackling their very first one-man live, entitled Nakimushi Taiji, on March 25th, 2016 at Shibuya-O in the TSUTAYA O-WEST building.

Further information about the band will be revealed soon.

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