Shibutani Subaru's Solo Debut

news - 01.12.2014 07:53
source: OHP
It has been announced that Shibutani Subaru, one of the lead vocalists of the popular Johnny's Entertainment boyband Kanjani8, will release his first solo single next year.

Titled Kioku / Kokoro odoreba, the exact release date is currently unknown. However, it has been revealed that both of the title tracks will be used as theme songs for the film "Misono Universe", which Shibutani also stars in.

While other members of Kanjani8 have held solo concerts in the past, Shibutani will be the first to make an official CD debut. He will also embark on a solo tour to promote the release in January.

A trailer for "Misono Universe", which features English subtitles and clips of both Kioku and Kokoro odoreba, is available here.
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