major - active (2003 - )
In his nearly two-decade long career, Kiyoharu has been the front man for two popular and influential bands (Kuroyume and SADS), has his own solo work, and has worked with many artists from Luna Sea's Sugizo to fellow music business veteran Morrie from Ziggy and Dead end. Kiyoharu's main distinguishing feature is his powerful vibrato vocals with which he's able to belt out from angsty punk anthems to serious ballads and everything else imaginable in between.

Writing, singing and composing aren't the only things Kiyoharu is good at. In addition, he plays guitar, produces, manages his own label and has collaborated with many designers to create his own special articles of clothing and accessories. Due to his style and sheer number of years in the business he's influenced many artists of today, especially the young band Merry.
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