Celestia Le ciel / Merveille Magique

also known as:   Merveille Magique / Celestia Le ciel  
indies - active (2001 - )
Merveille Magique and Celestia Le Ciel are two bands made up of the same people. Their inspiration lies in fantasy, which reflects not only in their name and costumes, but also in their music, lyrics, and unique stories. Musically, they belong in the visual kei genre and have a very melodic sound.

The two bands represent two worlds: the world of Merveille Magique in which fairies live, and the world of Celestia Le Ciel in which angel-like creatures live. The whole universe exists of seven worlds; the other five worlds that are not represented by the bands are reflected in the lyrics of the bands songs.

Merveille Magique and Celestia Le Ciel's two worlds are divided into two parts again: one ruled by Lleu and the other one ruled by Laciel.
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