indies - active (2005 - )
ADAPTER。 is the solo project of metronome guitarist Fukusuke. Mixing danceable electronic music with Japanese spirit, he crafts catchy techno-rock songs with an occasional touch of exotic flavor.

This theme of digital age meets old Japan also extends to his image, as he usually performs in costumes decorated with traditional patterns or kimono, the elegance of which contrasts sharply with the cold, futuristic sound of his synthesized vocals and his heavy visual kei make-up. To emphasize this, he has said that the period that follows ADAPTER。's name, and the titles of many of his releases, represents his soul as a Japanese person.

Despite this austere image, he approaches the project with an endearing sense of humour. ADAPTER。’s lyrics and videos are often light-hearted, and his lives are upbeat and energetic, with Fukusuke encouraging fans to dance along and occasionally performing furitsuke.
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