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Although FAKE? currently consists of English vocalist Ken Lloyd and support members, it began and is best known as a collaboration between him and acclaimed guitarist INORAN—of Tourbillon and LUNA SEA fame—who left in 2005. When the concept of the two musicians joining forces was first realized in 2001, both fans of the more melodic LUNA SEA and fans of the hard rock sound of OBLIVION DUST were united in excitement and anticipation.
author: Ruka, Christine (2013-08-12)
line up
  • DJ: DJ Bass [support member]
  • Guitar: PABLO [support member]
  • Bass: U-ZO [support member]
  • Guitar: INORAN [2002 / 2005 - gone]
  • Bass: Morrissey [2003 / 2008 - gone - support member]
  • Guitar: Eric Zay [2006 / 2008 - gone - support member]
  • Drums: Kaoru Noguchi [2002 / 2006 - gone - support member]
  • DJ: DJ Uppercut [2002 / 2002 - gone - support member]
  • Bass: JUKEN [2002 / 2002 - gone - support member]
  • Bass: HIKO [2002 / 2002 - gone - support member]
  • Bass: Hasegawa Akihiko [2003 / 2003 - gone - support member]
In 2002, FAKE? started off playing shows in Liquid Room Shinjuku, and on February 27th, they released their first single. TASTE MAXIMUM established their sound as punk-influenced rock, mixing heavy, loud areas with soft, beautiful moments, and with primarily English lyrics. They released their first album, BREATHE IN, in July and by August had the exciting opportunity of playing in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka for SUMMER SONIC 2002.

The band didn't release any DVDs until 2004, but when they did, they put out four throughout the year: one with music videos and the others with footage from the concerts they played that year, which were numerous. The band was also particularly productive in the studio, and 2004 saw the release of a mini-album, a full album, and two singles.

In 2005, after their LIVE TOUR '?' FINAL on September 25th, INORAN left FAKE? due to creative differences. He was then able to work with his new band, Tourbillon, and concentrate on his solo career. That year also saw the release of FAKE?'s self-titled best-of album.

The summer of 2006 brought the tour LIVE FROM BEELZEBUB, where FAKE? promoted their album, SONGS FROM BEELZEBUB, which came out in May. Musically, the departure of INORAN resulted in a heavier, harder sound more suited to Ken. Their last signs of life for a while came in November when another full album, MARILYN IS A BUBBLE, and a live DVD went on sale.

The band went on hiatus in 2007 when Ken resumed activities with OBLIVION DUST. Though some feared this would be the end of FAKE?, the band held a live show, LIQUID PILL, on July 4, 2008 at the LIQUIDROOM Ebisu, showing that it was indeed just a break.

In July 2009, FAKE? performed at the large anime convention animeNEXT in New Jersey, United States. While activities with OBLIVION DUST took up much of Ken’s time, he continued to write for FAKE?, and the band returned with a new album called Switching On X in February 2010. Around this time, Ken became more active on social media, answering questions from fans and posting video blog entries (“vlogs”) in both English and Japanese.

In 2011, FAKE? signed a management contract with Styrism. Ken also managed to become even busier, when he formally announced the “project” he had been dropping hints about earlier in the year was yet another band, ATOM ON SPHERE. ATOM ON SPHERE was revealed to be an electro-rock supergroup, with a line-up including members of Dragon Ash, BEAT CRUSADERS and The Samos. They released their debut album that December and continue to perform sporadic lives.

The next year saw FAKE? release another best-of compilation, 2002-2012~Decade Selection, which Ken hand-picked all the tracks for. This best-of album also featured a new track called Feel It, which INORAN played guitar on. Ken stated in a July vlog that recording Feel It was the first time that the two of them had been in the studio together in about seven years. He also mentioned that he hoped to take FAKE? in a more electronic direction from that point on. The best-of album was released overseas through iTunes, however, due to complications stemming from FAKE?’s numerous label changes, not all of the tracks could be made available outside Japan. November 19th brought a four-song EP called NAIL, which was limited to sale at live shows.

In January 2013, Ken announced through a vlog that the band had finally succeeded in opening an international online store, making FAKE? merchandise, including a number of items he personally designed, available for fans outside of Japan. FAKE? also celebrated their tenth anniversary with a concert called Decade Live on February 23rd at O-East, with an all-star line-up of members old and new, including INORAN and PABLO on guitar, u:zo, of RIZE and YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz fame, on bass, Masuo on drums, DJ Bass and manipulator/programmer d-kiku.

While Ken is currently occupied not only with the reunited OBLIVION DUST, but also with ATOM ON SPHERE, he continues to divide his time between his three bands as evenly as possible, so it seems FAKE? fans have nothing to fear when it comes to the band’s future. Also, as Ken continues to take the time to post updates on the band’s activities in both Japanese and English on their website, Facebook, and his personal Twitter account, it is clear that reaching out to fans from around the world remains a high priority in his mind, despite his busy schedule.
author: Ruka, Christine (2013-08-12)

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