Staff Picks #2: Memory

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The members of JaME's English team have put together a list of songs they recommend based on the theme of memory.

Memories can be truly precious, but they can also become a painful burden. This month, members of JaME's English team have put together a list of their favourite songs that bring back memories, or that deal with the act of remembering.

What songs come to mind when you hear the word "memory"? Let us know in a comment at the bottom.



So they never officially released anything, but come on: GACKT, YOSHIKI, SUGIZO and MIYAVI all on one stage together? The horrendous sunburn I suffered while waiting in line to get into the concert was totally worth it.
Chatmonchy - Mayonaka yuuen chi
My favourite song off that album, it came out around the time I moved to Taiwan. I used to have it on repeat while I rode my bicycle to work, nothing like pedaling your heart out to this song!
B`z - Mienai Chikara

Oh, those carefree days, dancing around the living room and singing into a hairbrush.
DALI - Moonlight Densetsu
You don't judge me, I don't judge you, okay? I used to wake up early just so I could watch "Sailor Moon" before school, and I still know every word of the theme both English and Japanese.


Hotei Tomoyasu - Last Scene
A beautiful song about letting go of a relationship the way they do in all those classic romance movies.
GLAY - Father & Son

The part where TAKURO wonders whether a memory he has of being with his father was real or just his imagination really hits me hard, because my father passed away when I was young as well, and I wish I could remember the time I was able to spend with him more clearly.
Nothing’s Carved In Stone - Diachronic
This song really captures the bittersweet feeling of remembering an old friend you’ve lost touch with. “I call your number / No one’s there / Has it really been that long?”
Momo Kazuhiro - Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart
This song really showcases the high, almost child-like quality of Momo's voice, and how well it contrasts with the harshness of his playing. Catchy and nostalgic; it's a tribute to his road to becoming a musician and the people that shaped his life.


GACKT - Emu ~for my dear~
Written for former bandmate Kami, this powerful, touching song is about losing a close friend and keeping hold of the memory of the way they were.
When I first got the album UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, I had it on repeat for about a month. Every song on it conjures up strong memories of where I lived at the time and the same roads I always used to walk down.
Mr.Children - Hana -Memento-Mori-
"Memento mori" is latin for "remember that you will die" and is a symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death. This song takes that reminder in a more positive manner and conjures up feelings of memories and hopes for the future.
BUMP OF CHICKEN - Namida no furusato
This beautiful, almost wistful song focuses on the idea of home and always having somewhere and someone to return to.


Kagrra, - Utakata

About 6 years ago, even when I couldn’t read kana or any kanji, I memorized the lyrics to this song to sing it. Now, whenever I listen to Utakata and hear Isshi’s voice, I’m certain that he is in a better place.
back number - Omoide senaku naru sono hi made
The lyrics of this even-tempered track touch on the importance of remembering people close to you, and how that can be as important as breathing.
the GazettE - reila

I’m not a heavy GazettE listener as of late, but this song reminds me of my first time listening to J-rock when I lived in Australia.
Golden Bomber - Dokugumo Onna (Moe Moe Hen)
When I was in college and had to wake up early, I used to play this song to help me wake up and be energized. I’d end up doing the furitsuke instead of putting on my make-up!


D'espairsRay - Garnet

Back in 2004, J-Rock started to blossom in Europe. D'espairsRay's concert in Berlin was the first 'real' J-Rock concert I attended and this song brings me back to that insane night.
Remioromen - Shunkashuutou
While I was travelling through Japan by myself, I had Remioromen's Ether album on repeat a lot. This song always takes me back to riding the cable-cart to Shosha-san in Himeji, Hyogo prefecture.
The Eccentric Opera - Sanctus
This duo first got me interested in Japanese music. Even though their style is quite unique, it opened the doors to Japan and a whole lot of fantastic music to me.
Hideaki Tokunaga - Wakareuta
When I was travelling through the Japanese island of Yakushima, our rental car came with one CD: Hideaki Tokunaga's Vocalist 3 cover album. It was the only music we listened to for the three days spent on the island.


Arai Akino - Adesso e forutuna ~honoo to eien~
This was an opening theme song for the first animated series of “Record of Lodoss War”, which I was totally into during my junior high school days. I spent a lot of time reading the novelized version of the series. This song brings me back to my fantasy-filled early teenage days.
KUROYUME - for dear

This is a fateful song that brought me in to the world of visual kei, which I am still in.
LUNA SEA - THE ONE – crash to create -
A full circle song which connects all the memories of life. From a hopeful beginning, to days of youth, to the days in loss and migration after the university, then finally to the long-awaited arrival of a new season.
exist✝trace - Owari no nai sekai
I know this song will make me remember the band’s live shows I went to with friends and the moments we shared together. I am thankful that we are still living them.

If any of these songs sound appealing, or if you're looking for some new music, head over to our Youtube playlist to listen to your heart's content.

Please note that only videos from official sources are included, so some songs may be missing.
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