Moi dix Mois Le dixieme anniversaire at Shinjuku BLAZE

live report - 06.05.2013 01:01

Moi dix Mois, the project of the legendary guitarist Mana, celebrated their tenth anniversary with a spectacular show on March 20th.

Moi dix Mois started their activities a decade ago as the project of the legendary guitarist Mana, claiming a strong presence in the Japanese visual kei scene since then. On March 20, 2013 fans filled up the large Shinjuku BLAZE to its full capacity to celebrate the band's 10th anniversary.

As the curtains revealed the dim-lit stage decorated with candelabra, the solitary figure of Mana in a white costume holding a bouquet of red roses was seen. Opening the show, he threw the roses into the excited crowd to the melodies of the atmospheric SE En Lumière. As members appeared on stage, the set kicked off powerfully with the dramatic Je l'aime, fans reaching their hands out as the two guitarists joined their sounds in a flawless neoclassical twin guitar passage. Metaphysical alternated heavy and dark with lighter, melodic episodes, moving the crowd with its speedy rhythms. "Welcome to the final! Let’s go wild!" Seth urged the enthusiastic fans for the rocky Witchcraft. As with many of the band's songs, sounds of harpsichord and chorale brought a Baroque feeling into the performance.

Speaking into the microphone with a distorted voice, K announced the start of the band's ceremony, for which the fans were encouraged to repeat hand moves together with the band, first putting a hand on their forehead as if showing the letter "D", next raising the other hand up as in showing an "I", then crossing both hands in an "X" above their heads, and finally lowering the crossed hands in front of themselves. Together with Seth, fans repeated the moves along to the dark, church sounds of Sanctum Regnum. Vicious guitars and powerful drums heated up the crowd further in The SECT.

In the break between songs, fans sang along to "Happy Birthday" enthusiastically, celebrating the leader Mana’s own birthday, which was a day earlier. The guitarist was absent, but Seth told the fans to call him. They held their hands in front of themselves as if in prayer, calling “Mana-sama” in their sweetest voices. After the third call he appeared, throwing sweets into the audience from a plush bear bag. Playing a rocky happy birthday, the band rolled out a cake, the candles on which Mana blew out to a drum roll. Seth noted that the reason why the birthday cake this year was smaller than last year is because the vocalist himself baked it.

The concert continued with the dramatic Lamentful Miss, followed by Pendulum, where the emotional, strong vocals of Seth and the sensual instrumentals mesmerized the crowd. Sugiya's prominent bass lines and heavy electronic beats laid a basis for the powerful Immortal Madness, during which Seth's vocals presented their rougher edge. Then darkness enveloped the livehouse entirely in the gothic The Seventh Veil. After, a beautiful operatic intro with female vocals led into Divine Place, an enchanting song with its sad beauty. Concluding the set with fast melodies and insane drumming was Ange~Holy Wings~, and dynamic movement was seen both on stage and on the floor, as the four members at the front came to the center together visibly enjoying the scenery.

As the curtains closed, the fans anticipated the appearance of the announced guests, the members of Moi dix Mois’ first line-up. As the SE Dix Infernal began, excited screams were overwhelmingly loud, warmly welcoming the drummer Tohru, bassist Kazuno and vocalist Juka, all dressed in black costumes. Dialogue Symphony heated up the atmosphere with distorted instrumentals and moving, operatic vocals, and the scope of Mana's guitar was fully exploited in his solo guitar role. "What a nostalgic sound. Give up more of your voices!" Juka urged the fans on. Violins announced Vestige, with a lyrical, romantic sound. The original members presented a different palate of Moi dix Mois with somewhat lighter melodies reminiscent of 90s visual kei. Concluding the set was the old version of Ange,and there were screams and movement in the crowd as the members explored the capacity of the wide stage to interact with the fans and each other--the three members assembled in the front, smiling and with their hands around each other.

As the members left the stage, fans screamed for an encore. Seth came out on stage and announced the last word of the evening from Mana, who thanked all the members and fans who had supported his project throughout the years to their 10th anniversary. To conclude the evening, Seth called the original members of the band out on stage, and gave them the word. Sitting behind the drum set, the energetic Tohru held up a large picture of himself from his times in the band, and joked about his current short hair, which made him look nothing like a member of a visual kei band. "And to you who just said that I look cool even bald, I'm going to hug you" he concluded to laughter and cheers of the audience. Kazuno noted cheerfully that he had to avoid talking too much, so he would stay on point - congratulating the band with this memorable anniversary, he said that he was very happy to be able to participate in this memorable concert. Finally, Juka said that there were different opinions between the members, which resulted in his departure from the band, but this was only because every one of them was serious about the band, and that there were never any bitter feelings between them. He knew what a difficult path it was to continue visual kei bands nowadays and said that he respected Moi dix Mois for their ability to keep up their activities for 10 years. Although he had distanced himself from music by becoming a "normal person", he had been supporting the band up to even now as there was no other band like them and said that he hoped to be there at their 20th anniversary as well. The current members of the band then came out, and Hayato stated that he was having fun and asked the crowd to enjoy the show until the end. Sugiya said that he was very happy to be there that night and to have met Kazuno, and he also asked the fans to have fun. The energetic K thanked the audience for coming to the show and said that, as he usually couldn't say it, he used this opportunity to tell Mana, who was probably listening backstage - "Boss I love you! I will always follow you!" to the cheers of the crowd. Seth concluded that he was very happy to sing on such a special day and that he wants to continue having fun with everyone for a long time, asking for the fans’ continuing support. The fans then called "the master of Moi dix Mois on stage, and Mana came out throwing more roses into the crowd.

For the final song, which was performed by the two vocalists, K, Kazuno, Mana and Tohru, the fans lit up glow sticks, and to the brighter melodies of Pageant the livehouse sank in moving blue light. As the voices of Seth and Juka entwined, going from side to side, the old and current members of the band put their arms around each other, smiling in a moving ending scene. "Let’s meet again!" called Seth, and one by one members left the stage, leaving Mana alone, bowing to the satisfied and moved fans.

Set list

Opening SE En Lumière (Long ver.)
01 Je l'aime

02 Metaphysical
03 Witchcraft
04 Sanctum Regnum
05 The SECT
Mana sama birthday time show
06 Lamentful Miss
07 Pendulum
08 Immortal Madness
09 Dead Scape

SE in paradisum (live ver.)
10 The Seventh Veil
11 Divine Place

12 Ange ~D side Holy wings~
Ending SE En Lumière

First generation Moi dix Mois
Opening SE Dix infernal
1 Dialogue Symphonie
2 Vestige
3 Ange (old ver.)

Moi dix Mois ALL STARS
4 Pageant
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