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interview - 27.02.2013 10:00

A few months before their second American performance, we caught up with the screamo-pop band.

With a hard-rock sound and a female vocalist alternating between a melodious and a death-voice voice, the band DAZZLE VISION is often categorized as 'screamo-pop'. Three years ago they made their American debut at the Sakura-Con convention in Seattle. This year, they will make their way over to the States once again.

Three years ago, JaME interviewed DAZZLE VISION before your American debut. How has the band changed since then?

Takuro: The biggest difference is that John has become a member of the band. At Sakura-con, the songs we were able to perform were a bit limited because we were using a support member.
Haru: I think our songs and live performances have improved drastically since then. You'll get to see that when we come back to America in April.

The audience at anime conventions are interested in a lot of different things. What do you think is special about DAZZLE VISION's performance that will make young people excited about Japanese music?

Takuro: As musicians, the chance to play our music live is humbling. We don't take any opportunity for granted. On stage DAZZLE VISION will be head-banging, jumping, dancing, and crowd-surfing. All of the fans watching us can dance and scream with us, too. Everyone should definitely come and see it.

This April, you will perform for the second time in the United States, this time at Tekkoshocon in Pennsylvania. How do you feel about your upcoming performance and what do you expect from the show?

Takuro: We don't have many opportunities to play in America. So when people come to see DAZZLE VISION we want to give them a memorable experience.
Haru: I know everyone in the United States will be super crazy. We're really excited!

Last year, you opened for Evanescence in Japan. What was this experience like?

Takuro: It was a very precious experience for us. We're very grateful for it. It was very stimulating, and Evanescence was really friendly. It would be great if we could tour America with them someday.

Last November, you released the single Evolution. Can you tell us what the concept of the single is, and what your source of inspiration was?

John: The concept behind Evolution is actually the evolution of how DAZZLE VISION's sound, look, etc. have changed. That was the inspiration. For the music itself, there wasn't really any influence other than that we wanted a contrast between a loud sound and a clear message.

Maiko’s voice has been used for UTAU software. Could you explain to us what it is exactly and how your voice was recorded for it?

Maiko: It's a vocal software like Hatsune Miku's songs, but you can choose Maiko's shout as the sound theme and it will sound like me! I recorded 50 sounds like A, I, U (in Japanese) in succession so there is a vocal for every sound.

What is it like to hear your own voice in a song that you haven’t recorded yourself?

Maiko: Well, of course it's not my natural shout, so it sounds different right away. However, if I think about it as having each individual sound being created by me, and then someone else putting their energy in to making a shout, it's a really great feeling. Please use my voice in many things!

Maiko, in our previous JaME interview, you mentioned that you try to take care of your voice. How do you do this? For example, are there any vocal practice techniques that you do?

Maiko: I take voice lessons and that helps a little. Shouting as much as I do puts a huge burden on your voice. I take a lot of vitamins and throat lozenges. I also visit the doctor regularly for checkups.

Maiko and Takuro are brother and sister, and playing in a band together. What’s it like to work together with your sibling so closely? Does this ever cause any problems, such as the typical brother-and-sister fights?

Takuro: There are no problems at all. That would put pressure on other members and we have work to do. However, we are siblings, and naturally things have come up in the past, but those are a rarity these days.
Maiko: Because we're siblings there are good and bad things. But overall I really think of working with my brother as a plus. I think we're really good together.

Other than performing at Tekkoshocon, what are DAZZLE VISION’s plans for 2013?

Takuro: We haven't announced anything yet for 2013. I can't give you any details. However, we will be announcing things little by little. We hope people are looking forward to our announcements!

Please give a message for our readers.

Takuro: First of all, please come to our show at Tekkoshocon! Let's have fun together! We're going to have lots of surprises for you when we come back to America!
Haru: Everyone! Please come and see us! You won't forget it.

This interview was done in collaboration with Resonance Media.
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