Interview with Golden Bomber at Japan Expo

interview - 04.08.2011 01:01

The eccentric Golden Bomber discusses their new-found love for beautiful French women, among other things.

Eccentric air band Golden Bomber appeared at Japan Expo 2011 in Paris, commemorating their first time abroad. Golden Bomber kindly met with JaME for an interview during their time in Paris.

Hello! Bonjour! Can you start by introducing yourselves for our readers who may not know you?

Kiryuin Sho: Hello, I’m Kiryuin Sho, the vocalist.
Kyan Yutaka: I’m Yutaka Kyan, the guitarist. (In French) Nice to meet you!
Utahiroba Jun: I’m the bassist, Utahiroba Jun.
Darvish Kenji: (In French) My name is Kenji Darvish. (In English) The drummer!

Can you explain how you met each other and how Golden Bomber was formed?

Darvish Kenji: (In French) Yes.
Kiryuin Sho: Kyan and I were part of the same group in the army.
Kyan Yutaka: We helped and saved each other—we fought together.
Kiryuin Sho: After our contract ended with the army, we wondered what we should do, so we decided to form a group.
Utahiroba Jun: Kiryuin and I trained in the same karate dojo. He lost to me, so he joined the group in return.
Darvish Kenji: I used to be a professional baseball player but I lost a lot of money because of that. So, I converted to visual kei and joined this group.

You just mentioned playing baseball in the past. Is Darvish Yuu actually you?

Darvish Kenji: Actually, he’s my little brother (laughs).

So Darvish Yuu was also a baseball player! I just thought you’d taken that name because you liked that player.

Darvish Kenji: (laughs) That was a joke! He’s not really my little brother, there’s no connection between my name and Darvish Yuu.

How did you come up with the idea of an ‘air band’?

Kiryuin Sho: It’s because we’re not very good musicians.

Why did you choose the name Golden Bomber? Where did you get the idea from?

Kiryuin Sho: Well, Kyan chose the name.
Kyan Yutaka: It’s the name of Napoleon’s horse. (laughs) (Instant reaction) It’s the descendant of Napoleon! (laughs) It’s the great-grandson of Napoleon!

Do you compose your own music?

Kiryuin Sho: I compose the melody and write lyrics. Then Kenji arranges it.

Did you ever think you would have so much success with the concept of an ‘air band’?

Kiryuin Sho: We had no idea, it's just chance. We’re very lucky.

What song would you recommend to people who have never listened to you?

Kiryuin Sho: I have no idea.
Kyan Yutaka: Well, our songs aren’t very good so it might be better if they don't know about Golden Bomber.
Utahiroba Jun: It would be better if they started off by listening to someone like DIR EN GREY.

Kenji, can you explain the reason behind your white makeup?

Darvish Kenji: It’s a tribute to my parents who do kabuki.

If Golden Bomber were a family, which role would each of you be?

Darvish Kenji: I would be the mother.
Kiryuin Sho: (At Kenji) No, he’d be the grandfather actually. And we’d all be children.
Darvish Kenji: (pointing at Jun) He’d be a dog. Just a stupid, little dog.
Kyan Yutaka: Well, he poops everywhere.
Darvish Kenji: And he eats everything that falls on the ground!
Utahiroba Jun: I can bite you if I want to take revenge.

What did you think of Japan Expo?

Kiryuin Sho: I was impressed.
Kyan Yutaka: I’m happy that a lot of foreigners come here to see and enjoy all these aspects of Japan.

Is this the first time Golden Bomber has been to a convention or have you been to some in Japan?

Darvish Kenji: No, this is the first time.

You made a film called “Sori Nokoshita Natsu” where you each coupled up with each other. Why did you use this theme in your film?

(general laughs)
Kiryuin Sho: Well, before we were all gay, but now we’re interested in girls!

What have been the best and worst moments in your career(s)?

Kiryuin Sho: Our best moment was when…actually today, because it’s the first time we’ve been abroad.
Kyan Yutaka: We love French women.
Kiryuin Sho: Our worst moment was when we fought with each other. We hurt Jun and each other and wondered if the group would not end up well.
Kyan Yutaka: Before Jun was much uglier, so we punched him in the face and got cosmetic surgery. Now we’re perfect.

But Jun, won’t you defend yourself?

Utahiroba Jun: (With a smile) I can’t wait to get rid of Golden Bomber.

You're about to give your first showcase in France. How you do feel about it right now?

Kiryuin Sho: We’re very nervous, because this is the first time we’ll perform in front of a non-Japanese audience.

And do you have any rituals you do before going on stage—something to relieve stress?

Darvish Kenji: Sex.
Kyan Yutaka: Looking at beautiful French women.
Darvish Kenji: Yeah, and I spy.

Have you had time to visit Paris? If so, what do you think of it so far?

Darvish Kenji: Not yet, but we might go out after the concert.

What places do you want to visit?

Darvish Kenji: The Moulin Rouge.
Kiryuin Sho: The Louvre.

Do you have any projects planned? Are there any plans for a European tour in the future?

Kiryuin Sho: For now, we’re concentrating mostly on concerts, like how we are today. We look forward to seeing the impact it has on the people coming to see us. As for our music, we have a new single called Nemutakute coming out in August.
Kyan Yutaka: It’s used in a commercial.
Darvish Kenji: It comes out August 24th, to be exact.

Do you prepare skits ahead of time or do you improvise on stage?

Kiryuin Sho: Everything is prepared right down to the last detail. We practice a lot so we’re ready in time for the concert.

Can you say a few words in French?

Kyan Yutaka: Tu es très jolie. (You are pretty.)
Kiryuin Sho: Je t'aime. Embrasse-moi. (I love you. Kiss me.)
Darvish Kenji: Donnez-moi ça. Bon voyage! (Give me that. Have a good trip!)
Utahiroba Jun: Qu'est-ce que c'est ? (What’s that?)
Kyan Yutaka: Enchanté! (Nice to meet you!)
Kiryuin Sho: L'Arc~en~Ciel.
Kyan Yutaka: La France. Napoléon.
Utahiroba Jun: La Reine. Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-

(They keep searching for words in French…)

We know that French is hard to learn, don’t worry…

Utahiroba Jun: Ah, also I continuously watched the film Les parapluies de Cherbourg.

You did a video review on Japan Expo, do you remember what you said in French?

Utahiroba Jun: (in French) I love you, I love you.
Kyan Yutaka: Jean Reno!

Do you have any messages for your French readers?

Kiryuin Sho: We hope that Japan Expo will be even more fun because we are there.

Utahiroba Jun: I’ll do my best to get us invited back to Japan Expo next year.
Kyan Yutaka: I plan to come and live in Paris.
Darvish Kenji: My goal in life is to marry a beautiful French woman.

There will certainly be a lot of contenders—many have come specifically to see Golden Bomber

Darvish Kenji: So, I will do my best.

JaME would like to thank Golden Bomber for accepting this interview and, of course, Nippon Project for this unique opportunity.
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