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MIRANDA offers her listeners a fantastic journey through space.

On MIRANDA’s release date, her creator was touring Europe with X JAPAN. Only a day before, her half-sister single Jade had come out and it was perhaps due to all this spectacle that MIRANDA saw the light rather quietly and without the large promotional attention that Jade received.

For the ones that know SUGIZO only from his work for LUNA SEA and X JAPAN, MIRANDA may come as a big surprise. The song continues in the same vein as PRANA and FATIMA, meaning it’s a totally instrumental, electronic song. Again, DJ MaZDA has contributed to this track with his samples and beats.

MIRANDA starts out gently, dreamy even with synthesized strings. The song is named after one of Uranus’ natural moons, and it’s easy to imagine drifting through space with stars and planets moving past. A piano carries the listener further and then SUGIZO’s violin joins in. At first the sound is rather electronic with the bow sounding like it’s scratching the strings. Then, as the electronic beat comes pounding in, the sound of the violin transforms to imitate a rain of falling stars. Soon it transforms again into a more traditional violin sound to play a lovely melody that becomes the red thread of the song while still being backed up by electronic violin sounds. The rhythmical, pulsating beat contributes to the atmospheric feeling of the song and the feeling of space, but also saves the listener from a complete feeling of weightlessness. MIRANDA ends in the same way as she has started, quietly floating away.

Due to the beat and the fact the song is entirely instrumental, MIRANDA is easily accessible for a lot of fans of ambient and electronic music from all of the world as she doesn’t need to battle with any language barrier.

The planning seems a little unfortunate for the single, but hopefully fans will also check out what SUGIZO has to offer as a solo artist. With regards to the environment, the single has released digitally only, and can be purchased from iTunes for only 99 cents.
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