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interview - 05.05.2011 01:01

JaME bounced some thoughts with D's vocalist, ASAGI, about their upcoming European tour and more.

The well-known visual kei band D is preparing to head out to Europe for their long awaited first overseas tour, after which they will then visit the United States. A few days before their tour is due to start, JaME had the opportunity to conduct a short interview with the band's vocalist ASAGI to talk about the upcoming overseas shows.

Could you please describe D’s universe for those people who don’t know you yet?

ASAGI: D is a future in the past. Darker than the darkness, redder than roses, speaking dreams, whispering love, we are people who love music.

Where do you get your inspiration from, both musically and visually?

ASAGi: With regards to music, we are not captured by the form of it; we create freely that what we imagine. The ideas can come to our minds in dreams. We draw inspiration from recent occurrences, nature, animals, and various cultures. Sometimes we take elements from the folk music of other nations that match the world view in our heads. Regarding our visuals, they correspond to the world view painted in our music.

You’ll come to Europe soon, what significance does this European tour hold for you?

ASAGi: So far we have only been active in our home, Japan, but I felt like Europe was essentially indispensable for expressing our world-view. Now I already feel like there will definitely be a great result to come from this experience.

Which kaomoji, which is a form of Japanese emoticon, will you use to describe your feelings about your European tour?

ASAGI: (^・エ・^)I’m not so good at kaomoji so I don’t know (laughs). You will have to bear with me and accept the cat!

Please explain the concept and theme of your European tour.

ASAGI: Roses have been one of the concepts behind D since our early days, however in this tour the rose will lead us across the seas and all the long way to Europe, the “Path of the Rose” became the tour theme. I am looking forward to seeing the various beautiful roses in full bloom in all the different places we travel to.

Were there any special preparations each of you undertook for this tour?

ASAGI: Since this really is our first time doing a live overseas, we’ve prepared things like casters, power transformers and electrical appliances that can be used overseas. Then we are thinking about the songs we should play overseas, and we are also currently trying to learn some words such as greetings in the different languages.

You have written songs in French and German before. How did you come to learn French and German?

ASAGI: Well I do not understand them to the point that I can say I’ve learned them, it’s more like I did my best doing self-study while writing those lyrics (laughs). To me they are very difficult languages, but the sound of the words is beautiful so I like them.

Were those songs a reason why France and Germany are in the list of countries you are going to perform in?

ASAGI: The fact that French and German lyrics are included in our compositions has contributed to them being on our tour, but there is also the fact that these countries suit the world view of D. But more than anything, it is because for a long time there have been many fans there who have been supporting D.

When were plans for your European tour first discussed? Was it something that you always wanted to do from the very beginning of D, or was it something that grew along the way?

ASAGI: Talks about the current tour only started several months ago, but for several years we have been receiving offers to do tours in Europe or other places overseas. For a long time we have been thinking that we want to go overseas if the timing allows us, and we have finally become able to materialise this wish.

What are your expectations for this tour?

ASAGI: I want the hot moments that I will only be able to see on this tour to get burnt into my eyes and into my heart.

What are some difficulties or interesting things you encountered during the process of planning of this tour?

ASAGI: Thus far we hadn't had a chance to send anything overseas, but now, when we tried to use overseas express post or EMS, we were surprised by the differences in rules between countries.

Other than being able to meet your fans overseas and share your music with them, what are three things you really want to do in Europe?

ASAGI: I want to take photos of the scenery or cats that are in the streets of the places we are going to. I want to feel the culture of the different places with my skin, and enjoy the local cuisine. I want to learn some words, even if just a few, before going back.

When you think of Europe, what picture comes to your mind?

ASAGI: Forests or impressive castles, wine or dresses. The image of the Middle Ages is still strong in me.

What is one new thing about Europe you never knew about until now?

ASAGI: I think we will realise “I didn’t know there were such wonderful countries!” once again. Since this is a world that we have only ever seen through a screen, we will surely be surprised by the real beauty of the world that we will see.

Will South America and Asia be in your future tour plans?

Asagi: Well, I cannot say anything for sure yet, but we would definitely like to go there soon.

How would you encourage the victims of the recent Japan earthquake?

ASAGI: “May tomorrow be a little more peaceful than today.” This is a part of the lyrics to D’s song Day by Day. The obvious happiness is something that we usually don’t notice. We can not change the sad past, but we can change the future. Even if little by little people assemble the strength that each of them have, I think that this power can become something big. I hope that, while not forgetting the warmth of the hands held out towards us from all over the world, we, Japan, will become one and do our best from now on.

What are your future projects?

ASAGI: After having finished the European tour, we will take part in an event in America. After having gone back to Japan we will do some fan club lives, and then we plan to start working on new material again.

What would you say to convince our readers to attend your concerts?

ASAGI: The fragrant roses are leading the way to a dazzling night party. D’s music invites you into the world of dreams. An ephemeral, beautiful time that we can spend together. Anyone is welcome to enjoy it to their heart's content.

D's full tour schedule can be found here.
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