Alice Nine FINAL 'TOKYO GALAXY' Live at Budokan

live report - 20.03.2011 00:01

Alice Nine played their first live in Budokan for the final show of their "FLASH LIGHT from the past" tour.

January 6, 2011 was the first live in Nippon Budokan for Alice Nine, long awaited by both members and fans. The runway was constructed to surround the arena when entering the hall, and projected onto the stage were the words "TOKYO GALAXY." Simple and smart was the dress-code of the night as the members, all clad smartly in shimmery white outfits, appeared from the rear side of the arena when the SE started, bathed in loud cheers from their ardent fans. The five men advanced down the runway and headed for the main stage, taking their positions.

The show started off with Senkou, which was released last August, and they continued with the coupling song for the single, Le Grand Bleu. Vocalist Shou then addressed the crowd, "Tokyo, we've been wanting to meet you. The new year for us starts today. This day has come thanks to the support of so many people. We made this next song with the image of this moment and this place." The song he referred to was Stargazer, released in November.

When Shou waved his hands right and left, the fans immediately followed suit. He moved along the runway while singing, singing loudly to reach every fan in the entire hall. In High Collar naru rinbukyoku, Saga's bass play and Tora's guitar were continuously connected. Loud shouts of enthusiasm rose up from the hall when Saga licked his bass while performing.

Shinkirou boasted impressive twin guitar melodies from Tora and Hiroto in the song's introduction. During FANTASY, the hall was enveloped with the many penlights of the fans, transforming the hall into a beautiful planetarium. For Corona, the crowd was treated to a bass and drum jam, allowing fans to see the movements and expression of bassist Saga and drummer Nao, the rhythm team that supported the band.

They continued with a familiar Alice Nine live song, Hiroto showing off his play at center stage in RAINBOWS. An image of cherry blossoms fluttering was projected onto the screen during Saga's cool bass solo and the show continued with Yami ni chiru sakura. They then fuelled the fans during Velvet and RED CARPET GOING ON. The fans rose to the occasion, putting their all into enjoying the songs. Then an image of the five band members appeared on the monitor. The hall was brightly lit up and silver tape burst into the air. When Heisei 17 nen 7 gatsu 7 nichi (July 7, 2005) ended, the band finished that part of the set and left the stage waving.

Responding to the calls for an encore, the band returned and Shou addressed the crowd, "We're performing this for the first time today." With that, they launched into 4U from the album GEMINI that hit the stores in February. The lyrics were projected onto the monitor and Shou made each word count as he sang.

After the song ended, it was time for the band to share some final thoughts with the crowd. Words of happiness and gratitude gushed forth as the band members spoke. "I'm so happy I can't even speak. Although I've said it many times, thank you," Shou said.

A band, no matter how talented, would be nothing without the support of fans and hard work of the staff. Saga knew that well, and he thanked them for it. While Tora was content that everyone could be at the venue to listen to the band's songs, Nao was at "the highest level of happiness," declaring that day a new start for Alice Nine.

For Hiroto, the performance was a dream come true. "I've wanted to stand in Nippon Budoukan for so long. I want to show that dream to all of you looking at this stage," he said with pride.

The hall was then enveloped in the sounds of the final song, the beautiful name. Singing the chorus loudly, the fans ushered in a new beginning for Alice Nine even though the concert had come to a close.

Nippon Budoukan had been a goal for Alice Nine and they achieved it that day. In April, the band will go on a countrywide tour, continuing to sparkle and shine among visual kei bands. To all fans out there, keep watching Alice Nine for more outpourings of their outstanding musical talents.

Set list:

01. Senkou
02. Le Grand Bleu
03. Hana
05. Stargazer
06. High Collar naru rinbukyoku
07. Shinkirou
08. Kiss twice,Kiss me deadly
09. Koukann
11. Bass and Drum Jam
13. Yami ni chiru sakura
14. Velvet
16. Heisei 17 nen 7 gatsu 7 nichi

En1. 4U
En3. Gokusai gokushoku gokudouka (G3)
En4. Shunkashuutou
En5. Waterfall
En6. the beautiful name
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Tokyo - Japan
Nippon Budokan
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